Fifty | Fifty

Just after noon (12:21 PDT) on September 22, 2021, the Autumnal Equinox occurs. At this cardinal point Summer officially becomes Fall. The Sun rises due East, sets due West, and traverses the sky directly above the Equator. Its axial tilt points neither at the Northern nor Southern hemisphere. Day and night across the planet are of equal duration. You can stand a raw egg on end.

My Yin yoga classes usually follow the current lunar cycle, with some exceptions now and again. This seasonal change certainly supersedes the lesser lunar phase, Wind, and will therefore reflect its diurnal dynamic. Balance!

Expect a sequence that moves from the Yang of summer toward the Yin of winter. Remember that the back of the body is Yang, and the front, Yin. Forward folds apply tension to the back of the body, and compression to the front. Back bends do the opposite. From another perspective, this class concentrates on stimulating the Superficial Back Line, and then the Superficial and Deep Front Lines of Tom Meyers’ Anatomy Trains concept. (Still Yin & Yang, just different nomenclature.)

So, stand an egg on end, come join a streaming Yin yoga class, or do both!