Bright | Apparent

This month’s Full Moon occurs at 17:01 on day 14 of (Brown) Lunation 1221, and transits my meridian some 52° above the southern horizon at 01:10 on day 15. The Full Moon closest to the Autumnal Equinox (09.22.21) is known as the Harvest Moon. At this time, due to equinoctial geometry the quotidian 50-minute lag of moonrise occurs just 20 or 30 minutes later for several days. As Full Moons rise right around dusk anyway, farmers benefit from this greater extension of usable light well beyond sunset, allowing them to continue reaping their fields on into the evening.

The trigram of the Early Heaven Bagua associated with the Full Moon is comprised of three solid Yang lines. Yang, of course, is bright and apparent, and a fully illuminated Moon against a dark sky is that exactly. Even as the Moon itself is always Yin, in this context it is Yang, representing the full expression of the creative force. Heaven!

This evenings’s Yin yoga sequence celebrates the Yang qualities of the Full Harvest Moon. The class upshifts a bit on the time / intensity continuum. Duration of individual postures, normally about 5 minutes each, is reduced to 3 minutes. Each shape transitions into a complementary position, and that into something else, so, when considered as a cohesive whole it resembles something of a flow. Still no Vinyansa class, but per my other long-hold classes, it is Yang.

Come join a relatively dynamic streaming Yin yoga class!