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With decades of fitness experience, and written from the heart, I give you two insider’s guides to maximizing fitness and youthfulness, at any age. Whether it’s Yin yoga, resistance training, aerobic conditioning, diet, exercise planning, and even focusing the mind, you’re covered. Consider these books lifestyle manuals providing everything that’s worked for me, and my clients, all along.

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Fitness, Straight Up (2011), and A Righteous Stretch (2022).

A Righteous Stretch — Yin Yoga: What It Is, How to Do It, and Why

… provides you with clear direction as to how best to stretch yourself, and it might be different than you think. Find out about the differences that make a difference!

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From the Back Cover

A Righteous Stretch illuminates the unique benefits of Yin yoga. In short order, you’ll discover what it is, how to do it, and why.

Here, Christopher Drozd — Yin yoga teacher, Los Angeles fitness coach, and fitness writer — has crafted an easily approachable handbook for yogis, athletes, and the curious. His conversational tone renders even technical passages accessible, while his light pepperings of wit assure a refreshingly fun read. Though brief, this book is content rich, and worthy of more than just a single pass. Still, in that first take, the elegant simplicity of Yin yoga is sketched out, its remarkable effects are colored in, and a strong rationale for its practice emerges, chapter-by-chapter. (Spoiler alert: Yin yoga delivers youthfulness at any age.)

And, just like whatever other yoga, Yin yoga can be a vehicle by which to realize higher consciousness. Indeed, your destiny may very well include enlightenment. But, even if not spiritual awakening, Yin yoga is at least a righteous stretch!

Readers’ Endorsements

[A Righteous Stretch] brings an interior dimension that most other stretch “gurus” miss in their outward-focused how-to books. This is a book for the mind and soul and body, which Drozd understands are all one unity.


Chris not only walks the reader through the fundamental, practical and spiritual aspects of Yin (what it is and isn’t, postures, Yin/Yang, etc.) in an expert, insightful and easy to understand manner, but also includes technical sections describing, literally, how Yin ties to your physical core from an anatomical perspective. … [and, the author’s] writing style is a nice blend of prose, rigor and wit making it a pleasurable read to boot!


I found this book a delightful read with clear instructions and photos that well illustrated the poses. While I have done yoga for many years, I think a beginner could also follow along. I liked that the first part of the book because it got down to the business of how to do the poses. After I had immersed myself in the practice of yoga after a long absence, I was then drawn to read the rest of the “why”. Christopher breaks it down artfully.


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FITNESS, Straight Up — How to be a better athlete, or at least look like one!

… provides you with an immediately useful fitness perspective and detailed instruction. It’s the next best thing to hiring me as your personal fitness coach.

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From the Back Cover

Whether you aim to be a better athlete, just look like one, or desire some fitness results altogether different this book gives you real world conditioning strategies you can use now and always. As you read through this text you’ll discover:

  • Thirty-four key exercises to increase your athletic strength and flexibility;
  • Exactly the right exercise zones to get you burning the most bodyfat;
  • A seasonal planning framework that lets you turn ordinary workouts into consistent, progressive training successes;
  • Simple eating and sleeping patterns that ensure you recover faster from exercise, feel more rested, and remain lean, focused, and confident;
  • Potent self-hypnosis guidelines that allow you to harness and direct your vast, underlying reserves of mental power;
  • and much more!

Since the mid-1980s, Christopher Drozd has relied on his less-is-more style of training to improve the fitness, figures, and physiques of hundreds of individuals — some you’ve heard of, most you haven’t — in and around Hollywood, CA. What’s more, he lives his Method. Now, in FITNESS, Straight-Up Christopher reveals what it is he does, so you can do it, too!

Readers’ Endorsements

[E]ngaging and informative. Christopher makes improving your health and your body seem attainable goals, no matter what your age or when you start! … I liked the friendly tone, filled with personal anecdotes and useful tips, like he was just talking to a friend!


What stood out most for me besides the clear, concise and accessible fitness info is the excellent writing style of the author. … The narrative carries the reader along with great anecdotes and intelligent, factually supported reasons why we should be incorporating at least some level of fitness into our daily regimes. No excuses accepted. … Based on the photos, even at age 50, Drozd personifies the healthy fitness lifestyle he guides the reader towards which cements his credibility and serves as the motivation to incorporate a greater level of fitness in my life.


As a life long athlete (skiing, tennis…), I was getting frustrated with how difficult it was for me to maintain a lean, fit body as I aged. The book reveals how the sports specific conditioning of my youth was actually now working against me. By adjustng my workouts in accordance with the book, I am now making physical progress that I know will have life long benefit. Equally important, the book is short, concise and readable. Unlike most fitness oriented books, the breezy writing never bogs down in unnecessary detail. There are literally hundreds of useful tips, and its easy to cherry pick the tips that best work for me.


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