Tension | Compression A basic forward fold is a posture I’ve been doing for years … decades, actually. It’s a simple, rather elemental shape within the human experience. Pretty much, everyone’s done it, for one reason or another. Some, as part of their yoga practice. Usually, any limitation of range within a forward fold is […]


Relaxation | Creep We already know that Yin is dark, cold, still, quiet, concealed, and receptive, and that Yang is bright, hot, active, loud, apparent, and assertive. And, it’s not really a stretch — pun intended — to consider body tissues in such context. So, dynamic muscle is Yang, and seemingly inert fascia is Yin. […]


Here | There September 22, 2023. On this day the Moon passes the local meridian of 180° due S at 7:01 pm Pacific time, just as Christopher’s Yin Yoga class is beginning, and ten minutes after the Sun has set. The Moon touches its light / shade equivalence at 12:09 pm. The next day, on […]


Tension | Compression Yoga is a lifestyle practice. A process delivering perhaps at some point, enlightenment, and positively providing a set of guidelines with which to harmoniously navigate the human experience spiritually, morally, mentally, and physically. The discipline leading to self-knowledge is the unity offered to the ancients, and to us. From my observations, most […]


Open | Closed What better day to do some “Earthing” than on the New Moon, under the Earth trigram? Within context of the Early Heaven Bagua — the Eight Changes — the Earth trigram represents the New Moon, and Yin, the receptive. It’s here and now that the seed of the Creative (Heaven) is planted. […]


Stretching | Stressing Stretching is a misnomer, but for lack of a better word for something that conveys the idea of pulling on tissues it’s sufficient, albeit inaccurate. Never mind that my second book is called, A Righteous Stretch — Yin Yoga: What It Is, How To Do It, And Why. The reality is that […]


In | Out It’s self-evident. These cycles we witness playing out over the course of each year — each month, each day, each breath — are indicative of life itself. Consider, as we approach the Summer Solstice, (June 21, 2022, in this case), where the Sun reaches its highest excursion of latitude (23.4° N) before […]


Work | Play On February 1, 2022, at the outset of the Spring Festival — otherwise known as the Chinese New Year — I released the Kindle edition of A Righteous Stretch. This, my second book, explores precisely what Yin yoga is, how to do it, and why you should. Six weeks later the print […]


Lunar | Solar The Full Beaver Micro Moon occurs at 01:05 PST on November 19th, but at that moment it’s obscured by the Earth’s shadow. This lunar eclipse is notable due to its extended duration. The event begins as the Moon passes into the penumbra, Earth’s wider shadow, at about 22:02 on the 18th. Then, […]


Fast | Slow The New Moon initiating Brown Lunation 1223 occurs on November 4th at 14:31 Pacific Time. Ecliptic latitude is not quite right for a solar eclipse this month, but will be next. In just a fortnight, however, at the Full Moon, a partial lunar eclipse occurs, opening another eclipse season which closes with […]