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Enjoy the flexibility and freedom of movement that only Yin yoga can provide — that is youthfulness, at any age.

Christopher’s Yin Yoga rejuvenates your joints and their surrounding tissues — ligaments and fascia — by gently stressing (mainly) the hips and low back with simple, accessible postures over several minutes.

Try it out for free! Get a week’s unlimited access to Christopher’s Yin Yoga On Demand video library. Choose from over 200 Yin yoga classes. Do one or do them all, on your device, at your convenience, anytime, anywhere, for seven days.

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What Students Are Saying…

Prior to Christopher’s class I was in a great degree of pain in my hip area. I didn’t think I would be able to do any poses. I was amazed that at the end of class I was pain free! Thank you Christopher for your guidance and attention to your students. It was a class that seemed designed just for my needs.

— Margaret

Christopher has a meditative quality to his voice which really helps when holding the poses, that, along with his various breathing prompts. He’s a great teacher!

— Rebecca

Christopher is always a calm, reassuring, compassionate presence. I am in my third year of practice with him and the evening classes are central to my exercise regimen. I love the long holds, which are very good at loosening up difficult joints and restoring range of motion to old injuries. I highly recommend Christopher’s Yin Yoga.

— Melinda

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