What people are saying:

This is one of, if not the best, Yin classes in the [San Fernando] Valley!

— Class Pass Review, 2019

Prior to Christopher’s class I was in a great degree of pain in my hip area. I didn’t think I would be able to do any poses. I was amazed that at the end of class I was pain free! Thank you Christopher for your guidance and attention to your students. It was a class that seemed designed just for my needs.

— Margaret, 2020

Through years and years of exploring the universe of mindfulness classes I’ve come to recognize those rare, genuine, and authentic teachers. Christopher is one.

— Tara, 2021

Your class was awesome! Every moment was perfect. Utilizing our senses, experiencing, allowing all our energy to flow through exactly where it needed to go. Stretching like never before! Extra challenging for me, as I was translating for the group, but your teaching style made it manageable. Thank you. Looking forward to the next class! 

— Ana, 2022

Progress! I stood and walked unassisted for a meeting today. Given I wasn’t able to stand longer than five minutes four months ago [due to back issues], I welcome these rather intense postures.

— Dede, 2022

The classes have been just what I need. And the Gong Meditation was phenomenal! Like a sound bath…very enlightening and trance-like. I was able to truly relax but felt energized and connected at the same time. Please, keep that going!

— Cindy, 2023

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