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The Full Moon of October 2021 occurs on the 20th of the month at 07:56 (PDT). It rises at 18:33, sets at 07:00, and crosses my meridian — where it’s highest in the sky — at  00:29. That of course is just past midnight, some hours prior to the Moon, Earth, Sun conjunction. Because it happens after the date change, it leaves the day before (the 19th) without a lunar transit. How’s that? Well, lunar passages are retarded by about three-quarters of an hour each day, and, right around each Full Moon the time of two successive meridian crossings inevitably straddle one calendar date each month. Here, as I look due South on 10/18/21 at 23:47, the Moon passes as expected. As well, on 10/20/21 at 00:29, too. However on 10/19/21 the Moon remains East of my meridian, up to and through 23:59:59. Then, tick-tock: the clock reads 00:00; it’s a new day; and, transit is less than a half hour away.

This Full Moon, the midway point of lunation 1222, is known as the Hunter’s Moon. It follows September’s Harvest Moon, and is named in accordance with earlier generations’ program of pre-winter preparedness. Naturally, successful hunting requires planning, timing, and effort. Perhaps even divine intervention. Happily it happens there is a deity who ministers to those in society who must be concerned with securing seasonal sustenance. She’s the Roman goddess of the hunt … and the Moon. Diana!

Wednesday’s Yin yoga class, 16:30 (PDT) is being held in her honor. Remember, too, that the Moon is always Yin. Still, within that Yin there is Yang. On the dark backdrop of the night sky the Full Moon looms large and bright, often stirring people into (sometimes “looney”) action! This is consistent with the inherent boldness of Diana, who implores her father Jupiter to provide her bow, arrows, and a man’s short tunic so she might run through the forest and hunt freely. He did. She did. And, here we are.

Come join in a more — or a less — active streaming Yin yoga class!