Radiance | Departure

This month’s Quarter Moon occurs on day 8 of (Brown) Lunation 1221, and transits my meridian some 30° above the southern horizon at 18:56, just minutes ahead of the opening bell of Monday’s Yin yoga class. The trigram of the Early Heaven Bagua associated with the First Quarter is comprised of a single, broken Yin line between two, solid Yang lines. One way of appreciating the various trigrams is to understand that they may quite literally depict what they represent. Case in point: Imagine the broken Yin line of the trigram as a log that’s been thrown into an energetic blaze; it is awaiting combustion by the surrounding, consuming heat of the two Yang lines. Fire!

Fire is radiant, and has a direction. As the log is oxidized, it’s transformed from wood to ash. It’s state of being changes. The Chinese character associated with this trigram, Li, uses the symbol of birds flying away as its related meaning of separation, and departure.

The Moon’s half shaded, half illuminated surface, balanced at this moment, is about to tip. It’s just beginning to catch fire as its celestial geometry gradually moves it toward Full over the next week.

Tonight’s Yin yoga sequence will pay homage to the balance of Yin / Yang exhibited at this stage of lunation. Moving away from the longer-hold series of fold after fold, followed by bend after bend of recent classes, this sequence bends, folds, bends, folds, etc. A different Yin yoga experience, with different feelings — physical, emotional — to be sure!

How might this relate to something that’s going on in your life? Come join a streaming Yin yoga class and find out!